About the company

Information Technology Operations Twenty-Four by Seven (ITO 24x7) is an internationally based company specialising in around-the-clock, proactive management and monitoring of IT services and systems.

Over many years, the ITO team has experienced (and lived through) a common outcome and challenge with both outsourced IT and internal IT, namely:

  • inconsistent service quality
  • a lack of flexibility regarding hours of support
  • unknown costs

Based on these challenges, a highly experienced, motivated and dedicated team has been constructed with a mission to provide companies with cost effective, high class levels of IT operational services. These are delivered around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our mission statement underpins this:

ITO 24x7International IT support organisation using Technology and Operational excellence to provide world class levels of service to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business service offerings

ITO24x7 offers a range of operational services that can be perfectly aligned with various business needs:

Managed Service Defined responsibilities and proactive managed services with responsibility for quality of service based upon service levels (SLA’s) and performance indicators (KPI’s).
Service Desk & Call Centre Company specific Service Desk related services with ‘white label’ capabilities where ITO24x7 answer calls and respond to communications using the customer call signs and scripts.
Proactive Monitoring Proactive checking of systems and services and intelligent escalations based on human interactions complimenting automation.
Professional Services & Consultancy Design, install and configuration of IT systems and services.

IT solutions examples

ITO 24x7 provides a diverse range of Support services. In today’s multi-vendor environments, finding the right level of support to complement your in-house team can be a challenge, we provide a number of services which aim to address this challenge, these are designed to either complement or substitute your in-house team.

Our Infrastructure Management Services Include:

Infrastructure Proactive 24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
Database Database and Server Management and Monitoring
Point Fix Upgrades, Patching and Point Fix
Remote Rollout Remote Server Installation and Configuration
Security Security Management and Monitoring
Network Network Management
Database Database Management and Migration
Endpoint Endpoint Protection
API Proactive API Management Services

All of which are delivered using our flexible chargeback models.

Delivery Model

The underlying capability within ITO24x7 is based on an Operational Centre of Excellence model.
This model is summarised below:

Level 1

  • Proactive monitoring and responses with actions based on agreed processes and procedures.
  • Initial Service Desk triage
  • Escalating alerts and proactive checks where required

Level 2

  • Performing initial fault diagnosis
  • Following technical procedures (performing restores, for example)
  • 2nd line Service Desk triage

Level 3

  • Responding to LEVEL 2 escalations
  • Performing deep technical fault diagnosis
  • Liaising with software/hardware vendor support teams

Delivery manager

  • Maintaining service quality to customers
  • Management of ITO24x7 LEVEL 1, 2 & 3 teams
  • Continual Service Improvement

Contact US

We are not like most of the other IT companies out there! Our registered customers can contact ITO24x7 directly, at any time, 24x7 ☺:

  • Our telephone system is open 24x7 and we also provide dedicated phone numbers per customer
  • Our customers receive a dedicated contact email and can raise queries 24x7. ITO24x7 aims to respond within 15 minutes for all email requests
  • The ITO24x7 team can be contacted 24x7 by any communication channel the customer prefers (Skype, Whatsapp, Lync, for example)

If you are not registered, we’d love to hear from you, right now! ☺ Please choose your preferred method to contact us below:

  • info@ito24x7.com
  • +44 (0) 20 3868 5297
  • 644043, Russia, Omsk
    ul. Krasny Put, 101, office 312